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Dec. 10, 2021

Episode 6: Dorothea Puente

Episode 6: Dorothea Puente

On the surface, Dorothea Puente looked like a harmless grandma. The sweet old lady across the street, Dorothea ran a boarding house in Sacramento in the 80's and took in people that society tossed aside. However, all was not as it appeared, and after 7 bodies where found buried on the property, and numerous incidents of Puente cashing in the Social Security checks of her tenants and keeping the money came to light, it became very clear that Dorothea was not the sweet old lady across the street. But very much the opposite. This is the life and crimes, of the 'Death House Landlady'.

P.s, Instagram and Twitter handles said at the end of the episode are incorrect as they have been changed. The correct ones are below!

Insta: @horrorhouse_pod

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Twitter: @horrorhouse_pod