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Dec. 2, 2022

Espooky Tales Presents: Las Poquianchis

Espooky Tales Presents: Las Poquianchis

As life has kicked both our asses, me and Amy couldn't record a new episode for this week. However, we present to you the awesome podcast, and fellow Cultiv8 members, Espooky Tales. Enjoy, and don't forget to show M.J and Cristina all the love!



A true crime case that shocked a nation, Las Hermanas Poquianchis are four sisters born in Jalisco, where they went on to commit heinous crimes, including human traficking, assault, and rape.  The terror of being taken by Las Poquianchis was felt all over Mexico. No listener story this episode, but If you have spooky stories you want us to share on the podcast, please email

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