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What a ride

Great podcast. Seems like he would be fun to have here in Rural Kansas guiding our way through haunts. You should check it out! For nothing out, his accent makes everything a must listen!

Horrific Fun

Let’s be honest, true crime and horror are, well, horrific—so the banter between Dom and Amy really makes it easier to absorb. They have great chemistry and the research and storytelling are terrific. Give this podcast a listen!



Another great episode!

Episode 26.. another great but sad one! 6 death penalties???! Told as always with just the right amount of humour and not editing out you falling over your words (funny). Good research on this one too. Keep going Dom !


So in love with this show!! Great research and great snarky sense of humor! This is a binge worthy show!!

Great stories - great host!

Dom is such a wonderful storyteller and so enjoyable to listen to. Absolutely love the show - he's truly kicking butt!!! (Sweet dreams 🖤)


Great podcasts from Dom. Well thought out and researched. Great voice that draws you right in with the right amount of humour and seriousness. Keep it up Dom. Well done !

Swindled vibes

I love Dom’s British humor when telling horrible stories. Horror House is a very chill podcast, with sprinkles of sarcasm to make the horrific tales digestible. Dom is also super nice and very responsive on social media, which is really cool.

Dom is a pleasure to listen to. He has a lovely voice that is somehow warm and welcoming even when discussing difficult topics. Some of the stories he's covered I was familiar with, while others were entirely new. Episodes are a good length and very bingeable. I listened for 4 straight hours and wasn't the least bit disappointed. Definitely recommend this show to lovers of true crime and mystery.

Fantastic Pod

Information is top notch! Dom does a great job on this podcast. Really keeps you intrigued for the whole episode. I will most definitely be keeping this podcast on my weekly listens! Keep up the great work ✨ -CTN Ash

Fantastic Listen!

Absolutely amazing work and such vivid storytelling! Dom really nails it! Loving it so far!

Fantastic spooky podcast!

We thoroughly enjoy Horror House! IT'S AWESOME! If you love listening to true crime with brilliant British humour, then look no further!

New Favourite

This podcast is fantastic. I really enjoy Dom’s storytelling; he’s articulate and thoughtful. It’s clear that a lot of effort goes into each episode, and they are presented in a way that is available to any listener—highly recommended to all True Crime fans!

Macabre Masterpiece

Horror House is an unreal podcast! Dom's research is great, and the episodes are structured, spooky, and spectacular. He's also super sweet and supportive of other growing podcasts. He's a beaut! - Brianna

New Listener!

Just listened to the Flannan Isle Mystery and it was great! I learned so much and I like how Dom went straight to the point. You have a new listener!

Nailed it!

Is it the accent or the sarcasm? Has to be both! Episodes are on the shorter side which is nice for me who doesn’t have a long commute to work. Good knowledge of the stories and is just self deprecating enough! You won’t be disappointed if you give it a try!

Perfect Weekly Dose of Spooky

Dom’s episodes are a great length - informative without getting bogged down in tiny details. It’s a wonderful listen! Short enough to fit your drive to work, but compelling enough to keep you bingeing episodes. And he’s got a terrific podcasting voice. It’s deep and comforting as he weaves tales of horror and discomfort.

Love it!

Love this podcast Dom’s voice is so calming and the stories are sooo creepy. Amazing 👍🏻

I’m pulled in!

Listening to Mary Bell right now, and Doms voice is chefs kiss perfection. His research and personality is amazing and I’m thoroughly impressed. So excited to have a new podcast to binge at work! - Court from A Nefarious Nightmare

Great listen!

Dom gets right to the point and he’s very engaging in his storytelling. He dashes a little bit of sarcasm here and there which to me adds to the storytelling experience. Highly recommend giving this show a listen!

Great podcast!

Came across this podcast and love it! Thorough and so well researched !


Dom has the perfect voice for podcasting! He selects a fantastic selection of cases and does a really good job of telling a coherent story that flows well! Can’t recommend Horror House enough.

Must listen!

Ran across his page on Instagram, dove into his podcast, he is terrific!! The length is perfect for a quick drive into town or a walk (which is my preference) Also, his voice is terrific! Looking forward to more episodes! If you don’t listen, you’re missing out.

Excellent for the True Crime Lover

I really enjoyed this podcast. Easily digestible episodes that are informative and thorough. I'm big into True Crime and I really dug this. Looking forward to Episode #5.

Creepy and awesome!

Dom’s voice is made for podcasting, great production quality! Decided to give this podcast a shot and couldn’t turn it off, well researched and good information. Subscribed!